Cisco Umbrella SIG

Umbrella History

August 27th 2015 Cisco acquired OpenDNS a company that provided web filtering at the DNS layer.

Cisco used this technology to develop the initial Umbrella offering with an Intelligent proxy server. This worked at the DNS layer utilising three stated, Block, Permit, Inspect. The Inspect state redirected the request via the Intelligent proxy for scanning.

Cisco has now improved on this offering with the Cisco Umbrella SIG, taking technology from the Cisco Cloud Lock to provide an all round web filtering product.

Umbrella SIG still utilises the core DNS components but has added a large number of improvements to the product suite

Umbrella SIG is still a very new product that is constantly changing, over the coming weeks I am implementing Umbrella SIG for a medium size international client and am going to try and Blog the development and deployment process.

The Umbrella SIG solutions has allot of components that are in current active development making any deployment at the moment a little difficult.

Over the next few blogs i will drive into the config sections, role out issues and much more